Anticompetitive behavior? or just stupid behavior?

10:45AM Apr 17, 2016 in category General by Zoltan Farkas

I was reading an article about the UC Davis attempted to manipulate search results related to a pepper spraying incident that took place there (which I already forgot about :-), I am sure they wish they would be a European university and be protected by the "right to be forgotten" laws :-).

The proposed solution was pretty interesting:

"flood of content with positive sentiment and off-topic subject matter", and proposed hosting content on Google's own services, which would appear higher in the firm's search results."

This raises eye brows, since Google Search has a monopoly position in quite a few markets, and it is investigated in Europe for exact same behavior... Now there might be practical/technical explanations for this "behavior"... Ultimately crawling sites hosted in your own data centers is cheaper (less overhead)... On the other side when I use Google Search my expectation as customer is to get the best relevant search results and I don't believe the fact that content is hosted by Google has anything to do with relevance!

My suggestion to Google is: if this "behavior", which Nevins & Associates seem to think they can take advantage of exists, to correct it! not for the antitrust issues! but for improving the quality of their product!



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