Generating a Unique ID

12:13PM Oct 26, 2014 in category General by Zoltan Farkas

Most applications I encounter use UUID.randomUUID().toString() to generate unique IDs for various things like requests, transactions.... which is quite a slow implementaion.

Since I implemented a UID generator in SPF4J, I decided to do a little bit of benchmarking with JMH: 

and here are the results on my 4 core macbook pro: 

Benchmark                              Mode  Samples         Score        Error  Units

o.s.c.UIDGeneratorBenchmark.jdkUid    thrpt       60    261797.856 ±  11388.450  ops/s 

o.s.c.UIDGeneratorBenchmark.atoUid    thrpt       60   8102280.696 ± 159030.080  ops/s

o.s.c.UIDGeneratorBenchmark.scaUid    thrpt       60  25371629.029 ± 354517.591  ops/s

As you ca see the spf4j UID generator is 100x faster.

And as you can see it is significantly faster than the implementation using atomic instructions. In a lot of the code I stumble upon I see a lot of unjustified use, and the scalability impact is significant. 



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