Jmh + Spf4j

11:27AM Nov 02, 2014 in category General by Zoltan Farkas

I had some time this weekend to code due to bad weather :-), and I have integrated spf4j and jmh so that spf4j can be used to profile benchmarks. This way as you see a performance degradation you can immediately take a look at what potentially is the cause. All you need to do is to look at the ssdump files generated. (ex spf4j benchmark profiles).

Spf4j profiler is a better and lower overhead implementation compared with the JMH StackProfiler, however both suffer from safe point bias, which makes their results less accurate. (a lot of commercial profilers suffer from the same issue, I believe java flight recorder does not)

Spf4j will contain JMH profiler integration with java Flight recorder in the near future. 



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