Spf4j 7.1.4 is out

08:26AM Mar 08, 2015 in category General by Zoltan Farkas

This release contains a lot of enhancements:

Object recycler had a few bugs fixed, and should be  production ready.

Added SizedObjectRecyclers which are very useful for recycling buffers. (ByteArrayBuilder can now use a recycled array.)

PipedOutputStream and PipedInputStream, a significantly better implementation that the stock jdk one, not only it is slightly faster, but the producer controls the byte handover with flush, having buffering semantics. This implementation supports timeouts as well by integrating with spf4j Runtime.get|setDeadline()

New UpdateablePriorityQueue implementation.

New Strings utilities, for fast to/from utf8 coding/decoding.

release is available in the central maven repo.




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