SPF4j 7.2.25 is out!

10:43AM Apr 12, 2016 in category General by Zoltan Farkas

SPF4j 7.2.25 is out! UPDATE 7.2.26 is out to fix a bug with the slf4j formatting utility.

This is probably the last release that will be usable with JDK 1.7. Moving on forward the library will be compiled with JDK 1.8, and will not be usable with JDKs lower than 1.8.

7.2.25 contains a few notable additions:

1) Java nio TCP proxy. This is a useful utility for testing HA for tcp based services.

Here is how simple it is to use:

        ForkJoinPool pool = new ForkJoinPool(8);
        try (TcpServer server = new TcpServer(pool,
                new ProxyClientHandler(HostAndPort.fromParts(“www.zoltran.com”, 80), null, null, 10000, 5000),
                1976, 10)) {
            byte[] originalContent = readfromSite(“www.zoltran.com”);
            byte[] proxiedContent = readfromSite("http://localhost:1976");
            Assert.assertArrayEquals(originalContent, proxiedContent);
2) Slf4jMessageFormatter - a useful utility that is more flexible and after than the one shipped with slf4j. (see Slf4jMessageFormatterTest for more detail)

3) AppendableLimiterWithOverflow and a fast implementation of AppendableWriter

4) FastStackCollector allows usage with a more flexible filter: FastStackCollector(Predicate<Thread>) allowing you to reduce the profiling overhead and improve the relevance of the profiled data.

For more detail see: http://www.spf4j.org



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