SPF4J release 6.5.17 is OUT

07:00AM Sep 21, 2014 in category General by Zoltan Farkas

Release 6.5.17 is out, code and binaries at. Some of the notable changes:

 1) Added 3 measurement stores: tsdbtxt a simple text based format to store measurements. Graphite UDP store, and Graphite TCP store.

 2) ObjectPool is now called RecyclingSupplier, an extension to Guava Supplier. with 2 methods: get() and recycle(object)...

 3) Performance enhancements to further reduce the library overhead (and Heisenberg uncertainty principle)

 4) Retry methods in the Callable class have been further refined. A randomized Fibonacci back-off with immediate retries has been introduced as default.

 5) Added Either utility class.

6) Easy to export JMX operations and attributes. Simply annotate with @JmxExport the method or getters and setters and Register the object with the new Registry class and your done.



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