Tesla Model 3, Freude am fahren, NOT?

08:19AM Apr 08, 2017 in category General by Zoltan Farkas

Tesla model 3 is being compared with BMW 3 series: 


No dashboard, no HUD? The central touch screen will never replace a instrument panel or hud for people who enjoy driving...

One thing not to forget, if you target people who drive BMW, you really should NOT focus on autonomous driving features, because a lot of them will not care about that... I don't remember anyone saying "this taxi ride was fun"...

Several past US presidents when asked what do they miss most from their pre-president lives, they answered: "driving"... Driving is fun, and is more fun with some cars then others...

Disclaimer: For me driving is fun, I owned 2 BMWs with manual transmission, and I switched to a Jeep wrangler with manual transmission which I drive now (a very different fun :-)), mostly due to the 3rd world country roads in the NY metro area. 



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