Why does history have to repeat itself?

10:52PM Aug 02, 2014 in category Java by Zoltan Farkas

I wonder if the large loss of life in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars was worth it… and I am pretty sure it was not…

13 years after 9/11, and 10 years after the initial 9/11 commission report

"Al Qaeda–affiliated groups are now active in more countries than before 9/11."

“The struggle against terrorism is far from over—rather, it has entered a new and dangerous phase.”

“A senior national security official told us that the forces of Islamist extremism in the Middle East are stronger than in the last decade.”

“ISIS now controls vast swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria, creating a massive terrorist sanctuary. One knowledgeable former Intelligence Community leader expressed concern that Afghanistan could revert to that condition once most American troops depart at the end of 2014.”

On PBS Frontline on Jul 29 somebody said about the new terrorist threat:

“This is Al Qaeda 6.0, they make Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda look like boy scouts”

I see the same failed strategy being employed by Israel in Gaza…  

The Israeli army is creating the next generation of Extremist that will make the previous one look like boy scouts…

Why does history have to repeat itself?



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